Nicola Ókin Frioli


Ensayo en Fuera de focoTotémica (nuevos mundos posibles e identidades acrecidas)

Nicola “Ókin” Frioli is a freelance photographer who has worked for several years in the areas of reportage photography, editorial, photojournalism and portraits.  Over the last 14 years he has traveled through Northern Mexico, India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Sardinia. Ókin is now based in Mexico City.

Widely published, Ókin’s work can be seen in such fine magazines as I have been published in National Geographic (Germany), Time Magazine, The Indipendent on Sunday, The New Yorker Magazine, The Guardian, Internazionale, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Maclean’s Magazine, Dagbladet, Financial Time, Men’s Health, GUP Magazine and others.

Ókin has worked for the Anzenberger Agency as well as in advertising at different international advertising agencies.  His work, AL “OTRO LADO” DEL SUEÑO (The other side of the American Dream), was included in the exposition ‘Resiliencia’ in Photo Espana in 2009 for the Cervantes Institute of Spain.  The expo won the ‘Premio del Publico’ award for best exposition of PHE 09. It was exhibited at the Cervantes Institute of Madrid, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Instambul, New Delhi and in other cities all around the world still 2011. He is beneficiary ARTS FUND SUPPORT for Cultural Development / Fundación BBVA Bancomer in octuber 2013.

AL “OTRO LADO” DEL SUEÑO received Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards 2014 in the categories Deeper Perspertive and Portraits.