Cris Veit


Ensayo para Fuera de Foco: It´s in their blood (Está en su sangre)

I’m Cris Veit, a photographer and photo editor from Brazil.

For twelve years I worked as photo editor at the Brazilian edition of National Geographic Magazine. After leaving the job in 2013, I began producing my own documental photo projects. The first “The Battle for Mosul — Image Makers”, was shot in Iraq during the war against the Islamic State in 2016/2017. In it I aimed to show what drives war photographers, the risks they take and how each one gives his/her voice to a narrative told by so many. The work was published on Roads and Kingdoms website, and in the August 2017 edition of National Geographic Brazil.


Since then I’ve been doing freelance work for Brazilian magazines and working on personal projects such as “It’s in their Blood”. Some of my work can be seen on my website: